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American Legion Post 77 and Auxiliary Unit 77 - FAQ

Note: If you were visiting the Auxiliary Unit 77 web pages, click the Auxiliary navigation on the left of the page to return to the Auxiliary homepage or click here.

I am having trouble viewing the AL Post 77 and ALA Unit 77 website

  • Our website is best viewed in Internet Explorer 8.0 and above or the latest version of Firefox. Javascript should be enabled to ensure successful viewing of all website add-on's. Our site has been optimized to ensure a fluid viewing experience; however, some pages contained within the website may load somewhat slower (calendar, blog, members only) due to the fact that the toosl utilized are managed by external servers. If you ever experience any issues with viewing our website(s), please contact our web designer (

I am having trouble emailing AL Post 77 and ALA Unit 77 using the website email links

  • Sending emails by simply clicking a link on a website is dependent upon the e-mail client you use or have installed on your computer. If you use Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Outlook Express, Windows Live Mail, or any other e-mail client installed on your computer, then you should be able to simply click the email link and the email address will auto-populate into the new message that automatically opens on your system. If, however, you are using an external web-based e-mail system such as, AOL, Comcast, etc., you will not have the ability to click a website link and automatically send an e-mail without further set-up. Because this set-up varies from system to system and can be quite detailed, we cannot go into the process here. Instead, a simple solution if you are using a web-based email system is to copy and paste the email address into your browser's new mail and send directly from your browser.

How do I join AL Post 77 or ALA Unit 77

What is the status of the Sons of the American Legion squadron

Where does AL Post 77 and ALA Unit 77 meet?

  • Monthly meetings are held at the Bayland Community Center, 6400 Bissonnet, Houston, Texas.

  • Call us at 281-970-1006 with meeting questions.

  • Driving directions, click here.

How do I donate to AL Post 77 or ALA Unit 77

  • Email ( the Post 77 commander if you are interested in making a donation to AL Post 77.

  • Email ( the Unit 77 president if you are interested in making a donation to ALA Unit 77.

  • To donate to the National American Legion Headquarters, click here.

  • To donate to the National American Legion Auxiliary Headquarters, click here.